Muslim Teacher Cuts Girls' Hair for Not Wearing Headscarves, Is Fired

Before getting the haircut the girls had to hold their hands above their heads for 2 hours

An Egyptian school teacher lost her job on Wednesday after she cut off the hair of two of her students.

According to NBC News, Iman Abu Bakr Kilany wears a full veil, and believed the girls' refusal to cover their hair to be a violation of Islamic rules. Wearing the headscarf is not mandatory in Egypt, but many believe that any girl older than 10 should wear one, out of consideration for their peers.

The two girls were the only ones that didn't wear the veil, in that classroom. They were ridiculed for their choice, made to hold their hands above their heads for 2 hours, before having their hair cut.

"It started as a joke with the girls when I told them I would cut their hair if they don't wear headscarves. [...] Last Wednesday, one of my boy students reminded me and gave me scissors from his school bag and I used them and cut small amounts of their hair," the teacher said.

Kilany was fired after the girls' father exposed her and complained to the prosecutor's office in Luxor.

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