Muslim Freedom Fighters Deface Website of British MP David Morris

The attack has caused some serious damage to the official's site

A hacker collective called “Freedom for the Mujahideen,” claiming to be a group of Muslim freedom fighters, have breached and defaced the official website of Morecambe and Lunesdale Member of Parliament (MP) David Morris.

“My website has been hacked, currently working on the situation please e-mail or telephone until further notice,” Morris wrote on Twitter shortly after the attack.

While the attack appears to be a simple defacement, it seems it has caused some serious damage.

“We currently have technical issues on the website - constituency enquiries should be made by telephone,” Morris wrote a few hours later on December 8.

Two days have passed since and the website is still inaccessible to users.

The Visitor informs that the attack has been reported to the Lancashire Police. The hosting company has also been notified of the incident.

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