Muslim Boy Writes Letter to Santa, It Goes Viral on Reddit

The young boy asks Santa if he really delivers presents to a lot of children

A Muslim student's letter to Santa went viral on Reddit, basically for being heartwarming and cute. This young boy, who is in the fourth grade, wrote the letter as a school assignment.

A picture of it was uploaded by his teacher's son, receiving a lot of positive feedback, and some criticism over the fact that he was tasked to write about a religious holiday the student doesn't celebrate.

However, it appears that he could have picked several other subjects to write about, but he chose to address Santa.

He begins his letter by letting Santa know he didn't correspond with him until now because of his faith. The curious young boy then asks him if he really delivers presents to a lot of children, around the world.

“Dear Santa,

I know that I never wrote you a letter because I don’t celebrate Christmas but I am writing you this one to thank you for giving everyone presents.

I want to ask you one thing. Is it true you go all around the world in one night? If you do can you tell me how you did it? Santa thank you for spreading happiness around the earth! And say hi to Mrs. Claus for me,” the boy wrote.

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