Music Strengthens the Heart, Evidence Suggests

Researchers say music could help people suffering from various heart diseases

Researchers now claim that music strengthens the heart. Thus, they argue that the hearts of people who regularly listen to music are fitter than the ones of people who seldom engage in this activity.

The researchers theorize that, whenever a person listens to their favorite tunes, their brain gets flooded with endorphins. This appears to greatly benefit the heart, sources say.

The outcome of a series of experiments carried out with the help of 74 volunteers, all of whom were suffering with various heart diseases, appears to support this theory.

The volunteers were split into three groups.

The ones in the first group were asked to attend exercise classes, the ones in the second group were made to regularly exercise and listen to music, and the ones in the third group were asked to merely listen to music on a regular basis.

After three weeks, the researchers evaluated their overall health condition.

As was to be expected, the people in the first two groups, i.e. the ones that had exercised regularly, all showed signs of feeling better.

Oddly enough, so did the volunteers who had only listened to music. More precisely, their exercise capacity had increased by 19 per cent.

By comparison, the people in the first and the second group experienced a 29% and 39% increase in their exercise capacity, respectively.

The researchers say that, all things considered, music with no lyrics benefits the heart more than music with lyrics does. They suspect this is because some lyrics can be fairly upsetting.

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