Music Composer Elliott Carter Dies

Iconic, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer was 103, wrote music until his final hour

Iconic American music composer Elliott Carter has died. The Pulitzer Prize-winning musician was 103 when he passed at his New York home and, his assistant says for The Washington Post, worked on his oeuvre almost until his final hour.

Described by critics a late bloomer, Carter’s music was, as per The Post, difficult to listen to, difficult to play and even more difficult to write.

Nevertheless, he always believed it to be a reflection of the world: not the one we live in but the one we’d like to. It reflected the pace of the 20th century, but also dreamed of an ideal society.

“A lot of individuals dealing with each other, sensitive to each other, cooperating and yet not losing their own individuality,” he once said of his music.

Above is one of Carter’s best known pieces, going back to 1976.

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