Museum Visitor Spots His Identical Twin in 16t Century Painting

A New Jersey student finds his own face in a 1562 painting

Redditers are commenting on the shocking resemblance between a New Jersey student and a nobleman portrayed in a century-old piece of artwork.

20-year-old Max Galuppo, of Bloomsbury, stirred Reddit users' imagination when he uploaded this picture of himself standing next to a 16th century Italian painting, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The painting from 1562 is titled "Portrait of a Nobleman with Dueling Gauntlet," and I can definitely spot the likeness. The two have the same bone structure, a similarity in the shape of the eyes, about the same hairdo, and their facial hair is what really brings them together.

There is just one detail that bothers me – one is wearing tights, while the other has an alien T-shirt on. Galuppo was, however, offered the possibility to pose for a similar portrait, in about the same attire.

"Someone on Reddit actually offered to make a costume for it. If we could find a costume, he'd be 110 percent behind that idea. He would definitely do it," his girlfriend, Nikkie Curtis, said to ABCNews.

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