Multiple Galaxy Gear Smartwatches to Unveil at MWC 2014 Next Week

The wearable gadgets should have overcome the initial issues by now

Rumors of a new Galaxy Gear smartwatch have been going around the world for months, and it seems they will finally come to fruition next week.

But a new murmur has awoken, one that says that there won't only be one Galaxy Gear coming out.

Now, this could mean the obvious: that there will be more than one color option.

However, according to USA Today, there will be two models, at the very least. One will run Tizen, the OS that Samsung feels is best for carriers. The other runs Android.

Or there could only be an Android-powered Gear coming to the Mobile World Congress, or just the one with Tizen (assuming Samsung wants to drift away from Android altogether as far as smartwaches go).

We'll only know for sure next week. Until then, we can only hope that Samsung has solved all the problems that prevented the first Gear from selling (poor battery life, odd appearance, troublesome interface, limited smartphone compatibility).

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