Multiplayer and Its Elimination from BioShock Infinite Were Part of the Creation Process

The team didn't believe in the multiplayer prototypes, so the whole mode was scrapped

BioShock Infinite creator Ken Levine has finally talked about the much-rumored multiplayer mode from the upcoming game, saying that its inception and its subsequent elimination from the game were a normal part of the creation process.

BioShock Infinite is currently in development at Irrational Games under the leadership of Ken Levine, and the famous designer has already shared lots of details about the game's creation process.

In order to settle once and for all the rumors concerning a multiplayer mode inside the game, Levine has just told OPM that such a thing was being prototyped at the studio, but nothing was shared with fans because the developer didn't want to create false expectations.

"We were very careful never to say there was multiplayer in the game. It was a little frustrating for us to say it has been cut when we never announced it in the first place!"

According to Levine, the studio worked on an online mode, but it was cut eventually because it didn't deliver a quality experience.

"We didn’t want to talk about anything regarding that (multiplayer) because we weren’t sure about it. In the same way we weren’t sure about a million things – you’ll see the art book when it comes out and you’ll see a million characters that were cut; a million levels that were changed, ideas for weapons were thrown out. It’s just part of the process and we are fortunate as a company that we are able to do that kind of stuff."

According to the Irrational designer, such a process is the norm at the studio as the whole team needs to be convinced by a certain element before it puts it in.

"We aren’t going to add something on the box we don’t feel is at a quality level of the rest of the game. We never got to that point and it was hard. We all knew going in at Irrational, everything you work on, if the rest of the team don’t feel it’s going to work as part of a package, then it’s not going to make it."

BioShock Infinite is set to appear with just a single-player campaign in March for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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