Multimedia Production Studio ArtistX 1.5 Distro Is Based on Ubuntu 13.04

This Linux distribution will provide all the free software you could possibly want

ArtistX 1.5, an Ubuntu-based distribution that aims to enable artists and creators from a number of fields to work via a live and free environment, has just been released.

The developers have spent almost ten years refining this Linux distribution and the new and improved 1.5 version is now available.

ArtistX 1.5 distribution is based on Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) and it turns a simple computer into a full multimedia production studio.

Just like the Ubuntu system it's based on, ArtistX uses the Linux kernel 3.8 and GNOME 3.6. It also includes 2.500 free multimedia software packages,

According to the developers, ArtistX doesn't use Unity, features all the updates from April 2013 until the time of the release, the Ubiquity installer, and much more.

“A partial list of software included in the DVD is available at the software page, the /usr/bin directory (where software executables are kept on a Linux system) counts more than 5000 binaries. We have now a new Forum and a new Software page with the TOP 100 free software available in ArtistX!” stated the developers in the announcement.

ArtistX 1.5 includes software for 3D Engine and Development, 3D Modelling and Animation (Art of Illusion, Ayam, Blender, Equinox 3D, K3d, Make Human, Moonlight3D, Sculptris, Wings3D, SweetHome3D, Y.A.P.R.M), Audio DJ Software (Beatport SYN, Freecycle, Freewheling, Mixxx, QSampler, Smasher, Tactile 12000, TerminatorX), and Audio Synth.

The distribution also comes with other important applications such as CAD software (FreeCAD, LibreCAD), DVD Mastering, Fractals software, Image and Picture Editing, Image and Picture Viewer, Optical Character Recognition, Radio Software, TV and Recording, Video Editing, Video Encoding and Decoding, Video Animation and Cartoon Software, and Video VJ. And this is just naming a few.

A complete list of new applications and features can be found in the changelog. Download ArtistX 1.5 right now from Softpedia.

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