Multi-Millionaire Hairstylist Vidal Sassoon Disinherits Adopted Son

David Sassoon has been left out of the will which was just made public in the UK

The name Vidal Sassoon is synonymous with the fancy hair style of the ‘60s. The multi-millionaire hairstylist died last year, with his most recent will, made just 2 months before his death, having just been made public in the UK.

Sassoon was worth an estimated £100 million ($152.2 million / €117.1 million) but the will only covers £5.2 million ($7.9 million / €6.07 million) of it, the Daily Mail informs.

Even so, the millionaire made sure his adopted son David was left with absolutely nothing.

“My son David Sassoon and his issue are hereby disinherited and shall take nothing under this will, and for the purposes of the will, shall be deemed to have predeceased me, leaving no surviving issue,” the document reads.

David, now 41, was adopted in 1975 when he was 3 and, as Sassoon himself wrote in his 2010 autobiography, he was from the start a problem child.

Apparently, the rift between father and son deepened in time, to the point where Sassoon simply “walked away,” as he wrote in the book, as cited by the aforementioned media outlet.

“David spent a couple of years at a reform school near Sundance, Utah. He came back to Los Angeles but he still didn’t seem to fit in,” the hairstylist revealed in the book.

“There’s a certain point in my character where if I feel a situation is hopeless – walk away. Don’t torment yourself constantly. I walked away,” he wrote after not having seen his son for 18 months following a fight.

Also left out of the will completely were his 3 ex-wives, Elaine Nations, Beverly Sassoon and Jeanette Sassoon, which are to “take nothing” from the amount mentioned above.

At the time of death, Sassoon was living with his fourth wife Rhoda in Los Angeles. He is survived by 2 children. He had another daughter, but she died of a drug overdose in 2002.

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