Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0 for Linux Has New Menu Button

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Mozilla officially released the Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0 for Linux, an email and RSS client, featuring an impressive number of changes and updates.

The updates for Thunderbird are not usually this numerous, but Mozilla has taken this opportunity to repair a large number of problems and to plug a few security holes.

Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0 follows on the heels of Firefox 17.0, which also had some pretty interesting features.

[admark=1]The main change in this new version is the addition of a Menu Button, which is now shown to new users by default.

Highlights of Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0:

• An issue causing spell-checking only parts of words in Thunderbird 16 has been fixed;

• An issue causing Thunderbird 16 to repeatedly download emails has been repaired;

• RSS feeds can now be viewed in the Wide View Layout;

• The error message given when the application failed to connect an XMPP/IRC account because of a broken certificate, has been fixed;

• A wrapper at build/pymake/ that pulls in mozilla-central if necessary, has been added;

• Threadpane selection/messagepane for content mismatches on folder and tab switches is now prevented;

• Mail Account Setup now detects service on smtps;

• The return value of GetValueForTag is now checked and the data is imported correctly;

• The AppButton button is now visible on the toolbars of all the tabs;

• The "Add new calendar" icon has been made the same height of 24px as the other icons in the Account central;

• Missing providers are now hidden more gracefully;

• RSS now works properly with some feed verified;

• A fullscreen arrow for some windows in Thunderbird for 10.7 and above, has been implemented;

• The attachment reminder keywords list no longer opens the wrong options tab;

• A Firefox-like application Button/Menu for Thunderbird has been added.

Checkout the official release notes for a complete list of changes and updates.

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