Mozilla Thimble Is an Innovative Web Code Editor and Learning Tool

It's designed to make learning HTML and CSS simple, fun and fast

It seems that programming is becoming everyone's favorite past time. And it's become imperative that everyone learn to code. Whether to you believe this or not, the momentum is strong.

Likewise, whether you consider HTML coding or not is beside the point, as Mozilla's latest project, Thimble – a WYSIWYG code editor, is fairly impressive.

At its core, Thimble is a code editor for HTML and CSS with a real-time preview on the right half of the screen. It's a great way of seeing what your code does almost as soon as you're done typing.

But that on its own isn't much of a big deal, professional coders will still prefer their tried and trusted solutions and don't really need to see a preview every step of the way.

On the other hand, beginners, which benefit the most from the tool, would feel lost if all they got was a blank page. Luckily, Mozilla has done much more.

For one, even by starting with a blank page, the helpful overlays and suggestions when errors occur make it a good learning experience. But, better than this, Mozilla is also providing quite a few ready-made "projects" that are simply interactive tutorials.

There are several to choose from now and more are being added. They're great at getting people to spot mistakes, build their own pages and modify the existing code.

"Meet Thimble, the new tool that makes it incredibly simple for anyone to create and share their own web pages and other projects in minutes," Mozilla explained.

"Thimble is webmaking made easy. It’s an intuitive visual editor that lets you write and edit HTML right in your browser, preview and correct your work, and then publish and share fully functional web pages with a single click. Thimble removes many of the barriers for novice users trying to learn code, and includes a series of starter projects and templates to help anyone get started quickly," it said.

But Mozilla is doing even more, it's helping people interested in the project, or just learning or teaching to code for the web, to get together during the Summer Code Party campaign that starts on June 23rd and continues all summer. You can find out if an event is being held close to you or, alternatively, you can create your own party.


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