Mozilla Loses Firefox VP of Technical Strategy Mike Shaver

Several key figures have left the organization in the past year

Mozilla has lost yet another of its key figures. Several long-time Mozilla execs have left in the last months and now Mike Shaver, vice president at Mozilla and working on Firefox, has announced that he is leaving the organization as well.

He has worked at Mozilla for the past six years, though he has been involved with the group and the Firefox project for longer than that.

He has not provided a reason for his departure or any future plans, but he said it was time to "move on."

"I’ve decided that it’s time for me to move on from the Mozilla Corporation, where I have enjoyed 6 years surrounded by incredible people doing incredible things on (and to) the web," Shaver announced on his personal blog.

During his time at Mozila Corp. Shaver has been influential in the direction Firefox has been heading. Shaver is the newest entry on a list of Mozilla execs that left recently.

It started with long-time Mozilla Chief Executive, John Lilly, who left last year for a position at venture capital firm Graylock Partners.

Later, Mozilla creative lead Aza Raskin left the company as well. Earlier this year, Firefox director Mike Beltzner, left Mozilla as well.

"I haven’t yet decided what’s next, though I have some exciting opportunities to explore. I am still truly, madly, deeply in love with Mozilla and the web it is building, and grateful for the opportunities that it’s created for me," Shaver said.

"I have lots, lots, lots to say about my history with Mozilla and what I think the future holds, but that’s for later," he added.

Mozilla has lost many of its leading figures, but there are plenty of others to replace them. What's more, Mozilla doesn't seem to have been affected by the changes, in fact it's doing better than ever, the success of the rapid release cycle switch is testament to that.

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