Mozilla Invests in, Will Build It into Firefox OS

The site helps users discover web apps that are useful for their current task

Mozilla is becoming an investor, no big surprise considering that it's making quite a lot of money while not spending all that much to build Firefox. It's now become an investor in, a website that aims to make it easy for users to discover web apps from mobile devices.

The idea is to act like an app store of sorts, but for mobile web apps, i.e. websites. But there are some big differences. For one, you don't need to "install" anything, points you to the web app you need, you use it and move on.

What's more, the site is not designed to just give you a list of web apps you may find useful, which it does, but also to help you find the right app for the job.

Type in the name of a band and you'll get directed to YouTube to watch videos, Amazon to buy songs, Songkick to buy tickets, Wikipedia to find out more about the band and so on.

The site is more like a next-generation search engine than app store. It's rather slick and it's getting better. What's more, it's rather unique, particularly because it focuses on web apps.

Given that Mozilla's Firefox OS is getting very close to launch, the interest from the browser maker is obvious.

"We’ve recently been working on this platform development alongside, which enables smartphones to dynamically match a user’s needs with the most relevant HTML5 content, providing easy access to thousands of apps, games and services," Mozilla explained.

"The company is aligned closely with Mozilla’s mission and goals, and we’ve enjoyed collaborating with them to push the boundaries of what the Web can do," it added.

Mozilla has already been working with and it will be included in Firefox OS, where it could play a very important role. The big draw of Firefox OS is that all the apps are web apps, there are no "native" apps to speak of.

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