Mozilla Firefox 32 Officially Released

A new version of the famous Internet browser is now available for download

Mozilla has announced that the final version of Firefox 32 has been released, concluding the development cycle for yet another branch of this Internet browser.

It's been a little over a month since the previous Firefox stable release and the developers have now pushed a new major update to users. This latest iteration of Firefox brings just a few major features for regular users, but it excels in other areas like better HTML 5 support.

The official announcement for Mozilla Firefox 32 hasn't been made public just yet, but the mirrors now host the latest stable versions. It will take them a while to post anything official, and some time may go by until this new release hits the repositories, but you now can get to see what has changed.

According to the changelog, generational garbage collection has been implemented, HTTP caching (v2) has been enabled by default, public key pinning support has been enabled, the login metadata viewable is now viewable in the password manager, the number of found items in the find toolbar is now shown (just like Google Chrome does), code completion and inline documentation has been added to Scratchpad, it's now possible to connect to the HTTP proxy over HTTPS, the trust bits for some 1024-bit root certificates have been removed and turned off, and various performance improvements have been made to the Password Manager and Add-on Manager.

Also, on the HTML 5 front, CSS position:sticky has been enabled by default, mix-blend-mode has been enabled by default, the vibration API has been updated to latest W3C spec, HiDPI support has been implemented in the Developer Tools UI, the inspector button has been moved to the top left, a new Web Audio Editor has been added, and numerous security and bug fixes have been implemented.

It looks like the "version war" between Firefox and Google Chrome is raging on. The two browsers will soon share the same version number (relative), and soon after that, if nothing changes in the Firefox or Google Chrome version policy, the browser from Mozilla will overtake its counterpart from Google.

More details about this new Firefox release can be found in the official changelog, which points to the Beta version for the time being. Keep in mind that some of your add-ons might not work with the new version, although all the important ones have been ported already.

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