Mozilla Firefox 24 Is Now Available for Download

The new version of the popular web browser will be officially announced on September 17

Mozilla has uploaded a few minutes ago, September 16, 2013, the final packages of their exceptional Mozilla Firefox 24.0 web browser for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platforms.

This announcement is only for those of you who want to download the brand-new Mozilla Firefox 24 web browser ahead of the officially announcement, which will happen later today. Therefore, you can download the final version of Mozilla Firefox 24.0 right now (see download links at the end of the article for your favorite platform(s)) from the official Mozilla FTP servers.

One of the best features of Mozilla Firefox 24.0 is the ability to close a bunch of opened tabs with a single mouse click. The functionality is called "Close tabs to the right" and it is implemented in the right-click tab context menu, allowing users to close all opened tabs from the right side of the current tab.

Among other highlights, we can mention the ability to tear off chat windows, so you can view them separately, simply by dragging them out, accessibility improvements related to pinned tabs, major SVG rendering improvements related to image scaling and tiling, and enhanced debugging experience by unifying the Browser console, which replaces the Error console.

Last but not least, support for W3C touch events has been disabled in Mozilla Firefox 24.0, support for sherlock files that are loaded from the profile directory or from the application has been removed, and the browser now supports for new scrollbar style of the Mac OS X 10.7 and newer operating system from Apple.

Download Mozilla Firefox 24.0 for Linux.

Download Mozilla Firefox 24.0 for Windows.

Download Mozilla Firefox 24.0 for Mac OS X.

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