Mozambique's Limpopo National Park Loses All Its Rhinos to Poachers

Conservationists say the National Park is now without rhinos

The wildlife rangers in charge of keeping a close eye on the Limpopo National Park say that, since January and up until present day, no rhino has been spotted roaming these lands.

Because of this, they are almost sure that poachers have finally succeeded in killing all of the rhinos that used to inhabit this animal sanctuary.

This means that, all things considered, rhinos can be said to now be extinct in Mozambique's Limpopo National Park.

According to Mongabay, the National Park's Director, António Abacar, blames not just poachers, but also rangers who have failed to properly look after these animals.

As previously detailed, poachers only kill these animals in order to get their horns and sell them on the black market. The rhino horns are later used to make either trinkets or traditional medicine.

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