Movie4k, Movie2k's Successor, May Start to Be Blocked in the UK

There are some reports that the site is inaccessible in the country

Movie4k took over from the popular Movie2K streaming site a few weeks ago and has been serving users the poor quality movies they love, and possibly malware, which they don't, ever since. Whether it's an official "clone" or not remains to be seen.

The switch had a nice side effect for those in the UK, as the site became accessible again. Movie2K had just been blocked there at the time. But now it seems that the party is over, as some users are reporting that Movie4k is starting to be blocked in the UK as well.

Movie2k, a very popular and unashamedly illegal movie streaming site, disappeared from the web a few weeks ago, causing great anguish among its users. The site simply vanished leaving no trace behind, shortly after being blocked in the UK.

But only days later, a new site popped up, Movie4k, which promised to continue where the old one left off. The new Movie4k looked identical to the old version and had mostly the same movies.

For a while, the old Movie2k domain actually redirected users to Movie4k. All the signs pointed to a strong connection between the two sites.

But some things didn't add up, and it's still unclear now whether Movie4k is an "authorized" replacement for the old site or just some clone. For a while, there were also reports of the site pushing malware and other nasty things.

Despite all of this though, it now looks like the site is starting to be blocked in the UK by ISPs. Movie2k has been blocked there for a few weeks. Previously, several large BitTorrent sites were blocked by court order. More recently, proxy sites which bypassed the block were also banned.

Now, some users are reporting that is no longer accessible in the UK, though it's still up for others. ISPs don't start blocking a new site all at once, so that may account for the discrepancy. Or it may simply be a temporary problem for some users.

The move would make sense though if the entertainment industry believed Movie4k was clearly Movie2k with a new domain. Otherwise, it would have to go to a court and ask for the right to censor the site in the UK which, while extremely expedient these days, is still a bit tedious.

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