Movie2K Dumped Its Romanian Host, Moved to the Virgin Islands, May Return Soon

More details on the sudden disappearance of one of the world's most popular video sites

Movie2K is still dead, and Movie4K, which looks like the new location of the site, is still empty, returning only a server error.

However, there are plenty of indications that the popular video streaming site is coming back under a new name, but with the same wide selection of movies and TV shows on offer – illegally, of course.

There still are no details on what happened to Movie2K, but TorrentFreak was able to piece out a likely scenario.

The site and its owners don't seem to have been raided, though the move may be the result of an investigation or pressure from authorities. Whatever the case, no one linked to the site is talking.

But TorrentFreak was able to get some unofficial info from the site's last known host, Romanian company Voxility, which offers hosting mostly to large sites, including several file sharing sites.

Apparently, Movie2K stopped using the host, by its own account, but it's anyone's guess as to why.

It gets stranger though as, after it went down, the site's domain name started to be carried by a domain name server of Piraten Partei, the German Pirate Party. There are some indications that the site's owner or owners are from Germany. However, the Pirate Party denies any link to the site.

Finally though, as we've already mentioned, the site now redirects visitors to a new domain, The new site isn't working, but the simple fact that it's there seems to indicate that it may be coming online soon. The new server seems to be located in the Virgin Islands.

Fans waiting to see their favorite shows or check out the latest movies for free will probably only have to wait a little while longer. That's good news for them, as, for a while, it looked like the site was gone for good. But there's still no guarantee, as all of this is based on partial information and speculation, and fans will have to wait and see.

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