Motorola X Phone Will Allow Design and Software Customizations, Launches in July

You will be able to choose your own material and design of the phone

There are a lot of rumors surrounding Motorola's next flagship smartphone. The so-called X Phone is expected to make its debut at some point this year, and every new information points to an official announcement at this year’s Google IO conference in May.

The folks over at AndroidandMe have just been tipped on some of the features that are supposed to make Motorola X Phone stand out from other high-end Android smartphones.

Given these are just rumors and speculation that have yet to be confirmed, we should take the info with a pinch of salt. Those who aren’t fond of speculation might want to skip the following, though it might prove a good read after all.

All in all, it appears that the cited source claims Motorola X Phone will be officially unveiled in May at Google IO conference, but it will be launched on the market in July.

According to previous rumors, the smartphone should have been released in June, but due to some “manufacturing issues” the launch date has been pushed back one month.

Since Guy Kawasaki’s tweet that hinted at a fully customizable X Phone, everyone was wondering what exactly that means.

Well, it appears that Motorola X Phone will be user customizable. This means that customers will be able to choose the design of the phone, along with internal storage and some personalized software settings.

There’s more to it, as users will be able to choose from a wide range of colors. They can even select what kind of material will be used for the phone’s casing: plastic, metal, or carbon fiber.

However, we will not be able to customize the hardware specs of phone. At least not for this model, but Motorola plans to launch sequels to Motorola X Phone that will allow you to put any hardware inside.

Last but not least, the anonymous source goes on to say that Motorola X Phone will only be available in a few countries beginning July, but it is on track for a broader launch around Thanksgiving. This is somewhat in line with some rumors suggesting the smartphone would be released in November.

In related news, AndroidandMe reports Motorola will also be making a Nexus phone later this year, which has nothing to do with the “X Phone” series. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

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