Motorola Will Release Tablets, 4G Devices Soon

Mobile phone maker Motorola has been long rumored to be on its way to bring to the market tablet PCs that would run under Google's Android operating system, and it seems that we're getting closer to the official announcement, as the company's co-CEO Sanjay Jha already confirmed these plans.

According to him, the handset vendor is set to bring to the market both 7-inch and 10-inch tablets in the near future, but he did not offer specific info on the operating system the devices would run under.

However, given the latest industry shift towards these devices, the company plans on making its tablet PCs available for as many customers as possible, as BGR notes in a recent article.

The company is reportedly interested in differentiating its tablet PCs based on software, with focus on enterprise, international and retail marketplaces. Tablets are expected to prove popular at the retail level.

At the same time, Motorola's CEO confirmed that the company would launch 4G smartphones in early 2011.

“I will have 4G devices in the marketplace early next year,” he said, but did not specify which wireless carrier would get them. However, they would probably land at Verizon, as previous rumors on this suggested.

The company will maintain a focus on the delivery of high-end and mid-level smartphones on the market, with the latter released internationally, and the former brought to shelves in the United States.

One interesting affirmation was that Motorola would face increasing competition in the US on Verizon Wireless' airwaves, which might be seen as a confirmation of the upcoming launch of the iPhone at the wireless carrier.

However, Jha is confident that Motorola Mobility, which will separate from Motorola Solutions in early January 2011, will remain profitable during the next year, even if there will be a new “competitive dynamic” developing at Big Red.

Of course, nothing was unveiled officially for the time being, and there are still a lot of details missing, though many of them might be brought to light in the beginning of the next year, most probably at CES or at MWC.

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