Motorola Plans New Software Update for XOOM Wi-Fi

It might be Android 4.1.2, yet no confirmation on this has emerged

Mobile phone maker Motorola Mobility is gearing up for the release of a new software update for its XOOM Wi-Fi tablet PC, and it is already inviting users to join in for testing.

However, it appears that the company is also asking users to maintain the secrecy on this update, which led TalkAndroid to believe that this might be the Android 4.1.2 update for the device.

However, the company actually noted in the message sent to users interested in joining the soak test that there would be only minor changes packed inside the new software.

“Thanks for signing up for the Motorola Wi-Fi XOOM software test. It’s been awhile since we asked you to sign up — thanks for your patience! The software should be pushed to your phone later today,” the company reportedly tells users.

“This update is not expected to make large and obvious changes to your XOOM. In some cases you may not notice much at all. As usual, please report your observations in the private community provided.”

At the same time, Motorola is inviting users to report on their findings only on the company’s private forums, and not to make public their thoughts on the new software release.

Users who will be joining the soak test for XOOM Wi-Fi are also asked not to call Motorola should they bump into issues with the new software.

Instead, they are encouraged to head over to the company’s private forums for any info they might like to receive on the matter.

The good news is that a new firmware is being prepared for Motorola’s tablet PC users, even if specific info on what it will have to offer is still missing.

However, should everything go according to plan during the testing period, more info on the matter will emerge in the near future. Make sure you check this space again for updates.

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