Motorola Makes Limited Edition Action Toy Figures

Featuring Jay Chou and Zhou Xun artists

Motorola just announced a partnership with famous toy designer Eric So to create action figures for Motorola Greater China brand ambassadors Jay Chou and Zhou Xun.

Born in 1979, Jay Chou is a World Music Award-winning Taiwanese musician, singer, and producer. With his classical music background, he combines Chinese and Western music styles to produce songs that fuse R&B, rock, and pop genres. Zhou Xun is an internationally acclaimed Chinese actress and singer, who caught worldwide attention through her roles in Suzhou River in 2000 and Dai Sijie's film adaptation of the book of same name Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress in 2002.

These limited-edition action figures are available exclusively with the purchase of Motorola handsets through, this site and Motorola branded stores in Mainland China. The Jay Chou action figure is available with purchase of MOTOROKR E6 and the Zhou Xun action figure available with purchase of MOTOKRZR. This seems to be a rare opportunity to collect these cool pop culture icons.

Eric So is well-known amongst adult and young action figures collectors throughout Asia Pacific for his past work featuring top celebrities around the world including Michael Jordan, Bruce Lee and Chow Yun Fat. The Motorola Jay Chou and Zhou Xun action figures stand 12 inches tall with fully movable joints and removable head-to-toe outfits. Even the miniature fire red MOTOKRZR that comes with the Zhou Xun action figure can be opened and closed. The costume for the Zhou Xun action figure was inspired by the historical styling from "The Banquet". The facial expressions were designed to resemble Zhou Xun's beauty and Jay's signature smile.

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