Motorola Launches “Friends with Moto” Program to Offer Cheaper Phones

It allows employees to give discounts on both Moto X and Moto G

Mobile phone maker Motorola has found yet another way to provide users with the possibility to purchase one of its latest Android-based devices at a lower price tag, through the launch of the “Friends with Moto” program.

As part of the deal, the company allows its employees to offer discounts on the Moto X and Moto G handsets: $50 (36) for the former, and $30/$40 (€22/€29) for the 8GB/16GB Moto G models, respectively.

As AndroidPolice notes, this deal brings the off-contract prices of said devices down to $350 (€256), $160 (€117), and $150 (€110), respectively, which could appear like a steal to many.

“Motorola is proud of its products and wants to share them with friends and family,” a Motorola representative reportedly said.

“The Friends with Moto program was designed so every employee can give their friends discount codes for a Moto X at just $349 off-contract or a Moto G for $149 - 8GB/$159 - 16GB. Codes would be distributed at the employee's discretion and timeline.”

Apparently, a Motorola employee has to share a personal URL for the Friends with Moto program with a person who wants to benefit from the discount.

Then, the applicant has to fill out a form, following which an email with the discount code is automatically sent to the Motorola employee, who has to send it to the applicant.

Basically, this means that the applicant will need to receive both the initial URL and the code for the discount from the Motorola employee.

The code can be used only one time, either for the Moto X or for the Moto G. The applicant will apply the code when checking out on Motorola's online store.

Unfortunately, the promotion appears to be valid only for devices that are purchased contract-free, and that the code won’t work with a Moto X with a carrier subsidy, or at retail locations. The deal is also suggested to be available in the US only.

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