Motorola Intros Software Upgrades Preview Program Called Test Drive

It will deliver new updates to a few hundred users before releasing them publicly

Mobile phone maker Motorola is gearing up for the release of new operating system upgrades for some of its users, and has just announced a series of changes to the manner in which users have access to them.

In addition to officially announcing the upcoming availability of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for its DROID RAZR M smartphones, the company also introduced Test Drive, a program meant to provide users with a preview of OS upgrades coming to them.

The new initiative is set to make its official debut along with the new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean platform release, and will be aimed at gathering feedback from users who are looking to get the platform on their devices.

“We know it’s important for many of you to get the latest Android software upgrades onto your phones as quickly as possible,” the company announced.

“With that in mind, we’re also introducing Test Drive, a new program that will allow consumers to take our major software upgrades for a trial run and provide valuable feedback before we launch the upgrade publicly.”

The program will welcome select customers, who will have the chance to get a taste of software updates before everyone else, in a manner similar to the “soak tests” that the company performed just before pushing new updates to its devices in the past.

“Starting with Android 4.2, the next iteration of Jelly Bean, we will release a preview of our software to a few hundred consumers that sign up for Test Drive,” the mobile phone maker announced.

Unfortunately, the company did not offer specific info on what the sign-up process would involve, but did promise additional info on the matter in the near future.

At the same time, Motorola confirmed once again that more of its devices would be getting Jelly Bean soon, and that DROID RAZR M was only the first to do so.

“Clearly, there’s a lot going on at Motorola, and we have no intention of slowing down any time soon. DROID RAZR M is only the first of many devices to get Jelly Bean (the full schedule is here). We’re a new company with a new approach, and a big part of how we’ll do business going forward is to keep our customers in the loop,” the company said.

Not too long ago, the company also announced that a trade-up program was created for those users who wouldn’t have their smartphones upgraded to Jelly Bean. Specific info on the matter can be found on this page at Motorola.

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