Motorola DROID Bionic In-Stock at Best Buy on September 7th

Motorola DROID Bionic, the 4G LTE-capable smartphone that should arrive on shelves at Verizon with Android on board, has been confirmed yet again with a release date of September 8th.

A leaked document from Best Buy shows that the smartphone is expected to be in-stock as soon as September 7th, which means that it might go for sale the very next day.

The said document emerged over at Droid Attic, and shows that a device sporting the SKU 3122039 will be in stock on September 7th.

This is the same SKU that was spotted a while ago in a Best Buy catalog next to Motorola's upcoming DROID Bionic, and the connection between the availability date and the mobile phone becomes clear.

Officially, the DROID Bionic is said to come to the market in September, but no specific date for the release was made official until now, although most of the rumors on the matter converged towards the September 8th launch date.

When made available for purchase, the Motorola DROID Bionic will be accompanied by a variety of accessories aimed at expanding its functionality, and some info on these accessories also started to emerge.

Apparently, the LapDock that will enable users turn the Motorola DROID Bionic into a full netbook should sport a price tag of $300 when made available for purchase.

A leaked screenshot of Verizon's internal systems that emerged over at the Droid Guy shows that the said LapDock accessory will sport a $299.97 price tag, which is quite a lot.

Of course, the dock greatly expands the usability of DRIOD Bionic, but it does not feature a CPU of its own, nor OS, and some might consider its cost as being set a little too high.

Motorola's first dual-core smartphone, the ATRIX, came to the market with similar accessories, and many criticized it for their high cost too.


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