Motorola Announces Winner of Moto 360 Watch Face

After choosing ten finalists, Motorola announces which is the best Moto 360 design

As we told you in an earlier story, Motorola organized a contest in which it invited smartwatch enthusiasts to design the watch face they wanted to see on the Moto 360.

Consumers, designers and developers alike submitted total of 1,300 designs and an “experienced judging panel” picked ten semi-finalists and we talked about their designs and showed them to you not so long ago.

But the final decision was left to the public who was asked to vote for the best design. It turns out David Pascual is the happy winner of the Motorola watch face design contest and you can see his work in the image above.

Pascual’s creation blends a traditional timekeeper look with beautifully displayed notifications for Android Wear, but the design might not actually work in the real world, considering how small the Moto’s 360 design is. The watch face also has customizable notifications widgets to alert you when you get a new Gmail and such.

That’s probably why the winning design might be included in the final Moto 360, but Motorola makes no clear promises. But Pascual has no reason to be upset as he is the happy winner of a free Moto 360 watch after all, a sleek device which has captured the attention of a lot of people and is eagerly awaited on the market.

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