Motorola Announces Texel and Genghis Smartphones

To come at the beginning of next year

Motorola had a presentation in Amsterdam and brought out on this occasion 4 new mobile phones, all pretty unexpected. This is the kind of surprise that everybody likes, although even more information concerning their release date and full specifications would have been excellent.

It's pretty great news, anyway, to see that Motorola has been working pretty hard on coming up with new ideas for reviving its line of mobile phones. The company has made up a strategy for the future and now it plans on splitting its products in four different categories, just as its competitors have been doing. The ROKR line will be for music focused phones, the ZOOM line for the camera phones, while RAZR will include all the new multimedia handsets and the Multi Q line will feature business oriented phones.

Motorola E10 Texel will be a music phone that comes with a design similar to that of the ROKR E8 handset. The phone will have a touch surface/keyboard with shifting numbers/letters, along with the same Morph technology as the Motorola ROKR E8. The phone will be targeted especially towards those that look for a stylish, but powerful music phone.

Motorola Genghis aims especially towards the business-oriented mobile phone users. The phone looks to bring service to those who want a reliable device for handling their work. That sounds like a huge number of smartphones out there. Not even the highly useful QWERTY keypad will manage to make this phone stand out. In fact, the producer has packed only average performances in it, which should make it a cheap solution for getting the basic solutions that more evolved smartphones are capable of providing.

The Motorola E10 Texel mobile phone will be released sometime around February or March 2008, which means there still is a great amount of time left to wait. Motorola Genghis will be placed in the entry level of the market with a nice price tag.


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