“Motherhood” Rap Video for New Moms Goes Viral

Fiat is promoting their new 500L with a creative musical commercial

There's a lot of rapping going on this week. Today, I reported about a 9-year-old singer, by the name of Amor “Lilman” Arteaga, who posted a touching Sandy Hook tribute.

However, new moms are not represented enough in the hip-hop music industry. To change that, Fiat is promoting their new 500L with a clip targeted at exactly that demographic.

“This is my crib, and these are my babes. […] I'm living it large, and by large I mean bigger” the self-deprecating lyrics of the song read.

The star of the clip sings about her house always being messy and never having time for herself anymore.

“The Motherhood” clip is actually quite funny, it has poignant lyrics and a catchy tune. I believe its title is reminiscent of the Adulthood British movie series.

*User discretion is advised, as the video contains language which may be offensive. 

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