Motherboard Sales Will Take a Hit in 2013, ASUS Predicts

Since PC demand is decreasing, motherboards can't help but follow

As everyone keeps getting more interested in laptops and tablets, desktop PCs are sliding down in the popularity department.

Thus, since the world is largely capitalistic, lower popularity means lower sales.

This is the quandary that the mainboard segment finds itself in, much to ASUS' chagrin.

The company believes that there are very high odds for mainboard sales, in 2013, to be lower than those in 2012.

That would mean a drop from 22-22.2 million to 21.5-22 million. A far cry from the 25% million initially foretold for 2012.

The same sort of situation should arise in the territories of all other motherboard manufacturers, although the Chinese market, where demand is still increasing, will temper results somewhat.

Not by much though. One country, however large and populated, can't compensate for weak demand in the rest of the world.

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