Mother's Instinct Saves 3 Children During Oklahoma Tornado

Terimy Miller decided to leave her home with the kids at the last instant

As the powerful tornado that hit Oklahoma approached, one mother of three was making preparations to brave the windstorm.

Terimy Miller's story could have turned out to be a tragic one, but she credits her mother's instinct to making a life-saving decision.

According to the Independent, Miller has hid her sons, the youngest of whom will be turning 11 this year, in a closet.

She intended to hide out in that same closet, but she changed her mind before the tornado reached her house.

She got in her car and risked her life to get her kids to safety, managing to escape the scene. Upon returning to check on her home, she found that there was nothing left of it.

As I wrote, 91 people lost their lives in Moore and the town is now a wreck of what it was pre-tornado.

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