“Mother of Dog”: New Billboard Shows a Canine Virgin Mary

“Don't Wait for Divine Intervention. Spay or Neuter Today,” reads the accompanying message

Christmas is usually all about the birth of Christ (give or take a few presents, a Christmas tree and tons of food), yet PETA chose to also make it about the importance of spaying or neutering the cats and dogs people keep as pets.

Their latest billboard, which they plan on displaying in various parts of the US as soon as possible, shows a canine Virgin Mary.

The accompanying message reads as follows: “Mother of Dog! Don't Wait for Divine Intervention. Spay or Neuter Today.”

PETA explains that, when it comes to gifting pet cats and dogs for Christmas, the best decision anyone can make is spaying or neutering them.

“The Virgin Mary's pregnancy was unexpected, but if you don't get your cats and dogs 'fixed,' it's careless and thoughtless and adds to the homeless-animal crisis,” argues PETA's Director of Communications, Colleen O'Brien.

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