Mother Shot Holding Baby, Caught in Crossfire in Alabama

The woman had her newborn in her arms, the infant survived

A young mother from Birmingham, Alabama was accidentally shot on Monday, April 29, while holding her baby in her arms.

Fox 6 WBRC detailed that the woman got caught in the crossfire when a shooting erupted in her neighborhood.

The victim has been identified as 24-year-old Sherri Williams, living in the Gate city area. Williams was holding her 10-day-old son when she was gunned down, at approximately 1 p.m.

According to a statement by Birmingham police spokesman Sgt. Johnny Williams Jr., conveyed by, the baby escaped the incident unscathed.

The shooting started with two men having a violent argument at a store located nearby Williams' residence, at 7563 64th Court Way South.

Once one of the two men got on the move, the second one opened fire throughout the neighborhood, as he was following him.

The mother of one and a second woman opened the door to their home to check on the commotion.

Williams was accidentally shot as she was standing in her doorway, holding her infant. Williams mentions that she has not been the intended target in the shooting.

“She was not the target,” he clarifies.

While officials are yet to find the culprit in this case, they are looking for two suspects, a male and a female.

The male suspect is an African American man wearing a white tank top and an African American woman dressed in a yellow shirt with braided hair.

She has had some of her braids torn and they might still be missing, making her easier to identify. Police are asking anyone who can provide information on the suspects to alert the homicide unit.

Witnesses have described spotting the man and woman in a black Chrysler Sebring sedan as they were fleeing the scene.

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