Most iPhone 5s Purchases Are Space Gray, Not Gold

Survey suggests yellow is actually the least popular color for the 5c

Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) has released new data regarding the purchasing habits of Apple customers, noting that the Space Gray color option is actually the most popular for iPhone 5s, while yellow is the least popular color option for iPhone 5c buyers.

The results of the study certainly sound strange, considering that everyone is after the Gold iPhone 5s model, while some early surveys have shown that Yellow was actually the most popular color option for iPhone 5c purchases.

However, CIRP doesn’t release the new data without some arguments. Such as the fact that people are flocking for the Space Gray iPhone 5s because there aren’t any Gold models to go around.

43 percent of iPhone 5s units sold were Space Gray, followed by 30 percent Silver, and 27 percent Gold.

For the 5c, the Blue model has become the most popular choice in recent weeks. 27 percent chose this color, followed by White at 25 percent, Green with 21 percent of purchases, and Pink at 20 percent. Yellow purchases accounted for just 7 percent, CIRP said.

Women prefer the Silver iPhone 5s, whereas male buyers prefer the Space Gray model, according to the study. Both genders appreciate the Gold model equally.

On the 5c front, women prefer the Pink model, whereas men are choosing White and Blue.

“iPhone 5S and 5C colors seem to confirm some traditional gender biases,” said CIRP partner and co-founder Mike Levin.

“In the iPhone 5C, men prefer the neutral white, and the Space Gray in the iPhone 5S. In contrast, women prefer lighter silver 5S and the brighter iPhone 5C colors. Interestingly, no one, including the women in the survey, appears to want the Yellow iPhone 5C very much,” added Levin.

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