Most Tattooed Candidate to Czech Presidency Relies on Online Campaign

Vladimir Franz's campaign budget is inexplicably small

This year, the people of the Czech Republic are voting directly for a president for the very first time. One candidate immediately jumps out when you consider the 9 that entered the presidential race – tattooed artist Vladimir Franz.

Franz is running on a very small campaign budget, and, as I noted before, he is coming in third in polls. His financing doesn't even come close to government imposed guidelines.

“Candidates will be able to spend 40 million czk ($2 million / €1.5 million) on the first round, and 10 million czk ($500,000 / €376,000) if they reach the second round,” informs.

He is using social media to get his message across, and all his materials are the work of unpaid volunteers. Never giving out flyers, so far he has allegedly spent $25,000 (£15,575 / €19,100).

If being tattooed on 90 percent of his body didn't gain Franz young votes, being a social media-aware candidate with a low budget is sure to do the trick.

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