Most Serious Threats Stay Hidden from Network Administrators, Check Point Finds

The company has released its 2013 Security Report

Check Point has released its 2013 Security Report. The study analyzes top security threats, accidental data loss, and risky applications, focusing on the hidden risks that impact enterprise networks.

The report highlights the fact that, last year, many of the serious threats managed to remain hidden from network administrators.

Cybercriminals are constantly improving their tactics to ensure their malicious attempt remain hidden from plain sight. In many cases, employees make it easier for them because they unintentionally create security holes in the networks of their organization.

“Our research uncovered many alarming vulnerabilities and security threats on networks that most organizations were not aware of,” Amnon Bar-Lev, president of Check Point Software Technologies, commented.

“With clearer visibility, IT professionals can now better define a security blueprint to protect their organizations from the constant stream of evolving security threats, ranging from botnets, to employees using risky web applications like anonymizers, to data loss.”

The report shows that organizations of all sizes are impacted by cybercrime. The figures reveal that, in 2012, 63% of the 900 companies that took part in the survey were infected with malware.

Even more worrying is that over half of them were infected with new pieces of malware at least once a day.

In addition, 91% of the organizations admitted using applications with potential security risks. The fact that many enterprises have turned to web 2.0 applications gives cybercriminals new opportunities to penetrate corporate infrastructures.

As far as data loss is concerned, over half of the respondents revealed that they recorded at least one incident that might have resulted in the loss of data.

“Check Point’s 2013 Security Report is a resounding call-to-action, providing unique insight into the magnitude and breadth of the current and emerging threat landscape,” Alberto Dosal, chairman of the board of Compuquip Technologies, one of South Florida's largest IT service providers, noted.

Dosal added, “It is truly an impressive and comprehensive must-read for any C-level executive.”

The complete Check Point 2013 Security report is available here.

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