Most Married People Use Complex Passwords, Experts Find – Infographic

ESET released the results of an interesting study on password handling

ESET has released the results of an interesting study on password handling. The report details the costs, challenges and current user behavior.

The figures show that 16% of respondents never change their passwords, 46% change them once per year, 31% once every six months, and only 8% modify them at least once a month.

39% of the subjects claimed to be using a unique and random password that’s probably hard to guess. Others use the names of the pets, the name of a location, or the name of a sports team.

Interestingly, 29% of users still use the pen and paper method to store their passwords. 41% memorize them, 9% keep them in a file on the computer, and 4% store them in emails.

Apparently, when it comes to using complex passwords that combine letters, numbers and symbols, married people, those with a high income, and individuals aged over 55 top the chart.

At the other end of the pole we have singles, students and individuals aged between 18 and 34.

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