Most Crimes in New York Involve a Cyber Component, District Attorney Says

Even homicides and gang cases have something to do with computers

Speaking at a cybercrime symposium at Pace University, Manhattan district attorney Cyrus Vance revealed that most of the crimes that take place in New York these days involve cyberspace.

“Cybercrime is the fastest growing crime trend in New York, and around the country. The Manhattan police precincts now record cybercrime and identity theft as their most frequently reported complaints,” Vance said, cited by The Epoch Times.

The district attorney has highlighted that even homicides, financial crimes and cases that involve gangs have something to do with computers.

In addition to sophisticated hackers located in former Soviet countries, organized crime rings have also come to realize that there’s a good profit to be made from cybercrime.

Speaking at the same event, Pace University President Stephen Friedman explained that the key to combating such crimes lies in cooperation and partnerships between authorities and the private sector.

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