Most Annoying Songs of 2012

Sometimes, overexposure can become really irritating

Since we’re just days away from the New Year, no time is better than now to have a look back on the year that’s about to end. Say what you will, but 2012 has been pretty eventful – and irritating as well, it turns out.

A good couple of hours online on forums will show you that some of the most overexposed pop artists are also deemed the most annoying. Luckily, you don’t have to do that because we did it for you.

Here is the top 10 list of the most annoying songs of 2012 – in random order except for the number 1 spot.

Some of these tracks are included only because they got so much airplay that they became a pain to listen to, literally. Others… well, others are simply annoying.

Also, the top is not final: your suggestions are always more than welcome, so feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below if you have other proposals or objections to ours.

10. Tulisa, “Young”

You may not have heard of her if you’re not in Europe even though this former N-Dubz-er also tried to break on the market in the US, to little success. Tulisa is moderately talented and good looking to be a pop star, and she also has a team behind her willing to invest in her future and market domination.

However, her nasal voice and the annoying chorus on “Young” are certain not to win her any new fans.

9. Flo Rida, “Whistle”

No one’s saying Flo Rida is some lyrical genius so no one expects him to deliver lyrical awesomeness. He makes music about hot girls in clubs and how totally awesome it is to watch the hot girls dance in clubs. Even for him, though, “Whistle” is a new low point. Hearing it on a loop on radio doesn’t help either.

8. Gotye, “Somebody That I Used to Know”

This was actually one of our favorite songs when it first came out: it was smart, it was catchy and also had this indie vibe that many of us love. A gazillion plays and a million spoofs later, the life had gone out of it and it became simply annoying.

7. Nicki Minaj, “Starships” / “Stupid [Expletive]” (tie)

We really like Nicki even though there are certain aspects of her public persona that are clearly forced for publicity purposes. As a rapper, she’s got flow and lyrical prowess but, as a pop star (even though she hates being called that), she’s repetitive and extremely overexposed. In short, she can be quite annoying.

6. One Direction, “One Thing”

Even if you’re not against boybands, you have to admit that this whole frenzy around One Direction can get pretty tiresome. In 2012, our ears have bled enough thanks to these 5 handsome Brits, mostly because their songs were all over the place, there was no escaping them.

5. Anything by Justin Bieber

Speaking of overexposed, here is the most mediated and popular kid ever, The Biebs himself. We imagine that being a Belieber is pretty neat considering how much attention and airplay he gets, but for us regular mortals, it becomes painful after a while.

4. Anything by Chris Brown 

We’re not even going to get into that whole discussion of whether Brown should still be selling records after the Rihanna incident, because this is all about the music. Chris has talent but he should lay off the Autotune if he really wants us to notice and appreciate it.

3. Rihanna feat. Chris Brown – “Birthday Cake (Remix)”

Just in case you wanted to hear Rihanna say “cake” a gazillion times on the chorus of a song, this one here is for you.

2. Carly Rae Jepsen, “Call Me Maybe”

It was cute at first when it went viral but, if you hear anything as many times as we’ve heard this song (not including here the tributes and the parodies), you too might wish to have some kind of superpower to make it go away for good.

1. Psy, “Gangnam Style”

Officially the biggest viral ever, this is a song that caught on with such speed that it confounded even analysts who earn a living by predicting this kind of things. “Gangnam Style” and its many spoofs went into overkill about 900 million YouTube views ago.

So these are our suggestions for the top 10 most annoying songs of 2012. Remember to drop us a line with yours – and here’s to an excellent, less musically irritating 2013!

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