More iOS 4.2 Findings: New FaceTime Enhancements, YouTube Features

Those who have been able to download and test out the new iOS 4.2 beta from Apple are reporting a truckload of changes and new additions to the iPhone’s underlying software, which suggests that the planned November release will translate into the biggest incremental update to iOS 4 so far.

Various reports reveal that, in addition to the new findings reported hours into the iOS 4.2 seeding, the software packs even more changes than originally thought.

9to5mac, for example, highlights such changes as the ability to assign text message tone to individual contacts, enhanced sound preferences, a FaceTime shortcut from the Messages application and a completely new Voice Memos icon which, interestingly, many did not originally observe.

That’s not all though.

Additional findings include new restrictions, for installing new applications on an iOS device, as well as for deleting a Mail account.

The ability to rate YouTube videos is also now present in the software. Users can choose between liking and disliking the video in question by tapping one of the two thumbs up/down buttons shown on screen.

Safari is known to be lacking a very important, web browser-specific feature - the ability to find a word on the page the user is currently viewing. Not anymore, according to the aforementioned source.

iOS 4.2 adds find-in-page functionality. Until now, users could only use this feature by installing third party software, like Find in Page by developer Vais Salikhov (a great piece of software, by the way - check it out before it becomes irrelevant).

Finally (this is a rather less important change), alerts have gained silvery shadows.

Yesterday, we reported that initial iOS 4.2 findings included many new changes for owners of an Apple iPad.

When the final version of iOS 4.2 ships next month, Apple tablet owners will be glad to see all the enhancements from iOS 4.0 ported over to their devices, as well as new ones. Read through our September 16 report to learn more.


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