More “The Dark Knight Rises” Blu-Ray Extra Goodies

Featurettes, interviews and many photos emerge online

Even though Chris Nolan is done for good with the Batman franchise, never before seen tidbits from “The Dark Knight Rises,” the final installment, continue to emerge online.

All will be included on the Blu-Ray release but, just in case you’re too eager to wait until then, they’re available below.

If today were Christmas for Batman fans, this is what it would look like: we have a Catwoman featurette, an interview with Oscar-winning special effects guy Chris Corbould, the football field explosion scene and a bucketload of photos.

“The Dark Knight Rises” was the third and last film in the Batman series from writer / director Chris Nolan. It saw Christian Bale reprise the role of the caped crusader, while Tom Hardy played the villain and Anne Hathaway Catwoman.

The cast also included Morgan Freeman, Marion Cotillard, Gary Oldman and Cillian Murphy. TDKR was released this summer.

Now, enjoy!

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