More Tablets Than Notebooks to Sell in 2013

Despite how unlikely it sounds, this is what some analysts foresee

We've seen notebooks steadily lose ground, sales-wise, to tablets, and it has apparently been enough for Digitimes Research to conclude that 2013 will be the year when the tables will turn.

Whereas laptop sales have been clearly ahead of tablets until now, 2013 is expected to be the first 12-month period when tablets outsell normal mobile PCs.

For those who want the exact forecast, Digitimes Research believes that in 2013 slates will sell 38.3% more than in 2012.

Out of those, 140 million will be branded units, but the rest will be white-box models. That means tablets that will bear the logos of other companies than the ones manufacturing them.

Apple should have a share of 55.6% twelve months from now. The remaining 44.4% will be divided among Android-loaded designs and Windows 8/RT ones.

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