More Multiplayer Modes Coming to Tomb Raider After Launch, Developer Suggests

The team is always exploring new ideas for innovative modes

Noah Hughes, the creative director working on the upcoming Tomb Raider, suggests that his team might be ready to create and launch new multiplayer modes after the game is released.

The developer tells The Official Xbox Magazine that, “With Guardian of Light, the tone and the story supported side-by-side play in the campaign; this time around, it’s less appropriate and we tried to do more of a complementary experience, hoping it would have a lot of replay ability and people can just jump in and have fun.”

Hughes adds, “Those are just two of our explorations into multiplayer in the Tomb Raider universe, and we are anxious to see what else we can do in connected play. The key point is that neither will represent the single blueprint that we’ll iterate on. We’re looking at what’s appropriate for the time.”

It’s unclear whether Crystal Dynamics wants to launch downloadable content or whether additional titles will be the ones to explore the new ideas it will come up with.

The new video game is designed to fully reboot the series, with Lara Croft younger and more vulnerable than she has ever been.

In her first adventure, exploring a mysterious island, she is forced to face a number of tough situations and learn how to be a true fighter.

Tomb Raider will be focused on single player, as the franchise has always been, but Crystal Dynamics is including multiplayer in the game in order to expand the diversity of experiences that gamers can access.

The modes will have five maps and the gameplay will be built around teams of four players who work to eliminate enemies and access medical supplies.

Tomb Raider will be launched on the PC, the PlayStation 3 from Sony and the Xbox 360 from Microsoft on March 5 all over the world.

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