More Details About Intel's Upcoming Xeon E7-8800 CPU Line Emerge

Destined to become the company's highest performing server processors when they will be launched in Q2 2011, the Xeon E7-8800 series just got detailed thanks to a leaked Intel document which provides us with all of the CPU's specifications, including clock speeds and feature list.

All the processors are based on the Westemere-EX architecture that can support up to 10 processing cores and have their clock speed set between 2GHz and 2.67GHz.

Starting from top to bottom, the most powerful processor in Intel's Xeon arsenal is the Xeon E7-8870 which features a 10-core design and has an operating frequency of 2.4GHz.

Hyper-Threading as well as Turbo Boost are supported and the chip packs an impressive 30MB of L3 cache as well as a rather high 130W TDP.

Right beneath it is the Xeon E7-8860 which also features 10 processing cores but has a slight lower clock speed (2.26GHz) as well as only 24MB of L3 cache memory.

The chip's TDP is rated at 130W and carries Turbo Boost as well as Hyper-Threading support.

Users that want lower power consumption can opt for the 10-core Xeon E7-8867L which has a clock speed of 2.13GHz, 30MB of L3 cache, Turbo Boost and Hyper Threading support, all with a TDP of just 105W.

Next in line is the Xeon E7-8850 that still features ten cores but has its clock speed rated at just 2GHz, while all the other specifications are identical with those of the E7-8860.

The remaining two processors, the Xeon E7-8837 and the Xeon E7-8830, feature “only” eight computing cores and come with 24MB of L3 cache.

The E7-8830 runs at 2.13GHz, has a 105W TDP, and supports Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost, while the E7-8837 carries a higher 130W TDP and drops Hyper-Threading in favor of a faster clock speed (2.66GHz).

All the processors come with four 3.2GHz QPI links, two memory controllers with DDR3-1066 memory support and are compatible with Socket LS motherboards. (via CPU-World)


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