More DROID DNA by HTC Details Uncovered

No microSD due to slim body, great battery performance

Earlier this week, mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless and Taiwanese handset vendor HTC Corporation went official with a new Android-based smartphone for the US market, namely the DROID DNA by HTC.

The smartphone has already gone up for pre-order at the wireless carrier and is set to make an official appearance on shelves on November 21.

It was announced as a 5-inch device capable of delivering a full HD resolution, while being powered by a quad-core processor complemented by 2GB of RAM, with an 8-megapixel photo snapper on the back.

However, it seems that not all info on the handset has been unveiled at launch, and that there still are some details that users might be interested in learning regarding it.

One of these is related to the lack of a microSD memory card slot inside the phone, which leaves users confined to the 16GB of memory that the device will land with right from the start.

In response to user inquiries on the matter, HTC posted on its Facebook account an explanation for the lack of a MicroSD card slot:

“HTC USA U.S. customers have easy access to cloud storage solutions through Verizon Wireless’ 4G LTE network and ample access to Wi-Fi. This fact was balanced with the desire to make DROID DNA as slender as possible with an incredible 5-inch HD screen.”

The handset comes with a 2,020 mAh battery inside which, according to some users, should last at least 30 hours, though it seems that it will be drained fast when baseband radio is turned on.

“The DROID DNA comes equipped with a powerful 2,020 mAh lithium ion battery, energy efficient processor, and power saving software that enables long lasting endurance,” HTC notes on its Facebook account.

The phone’s Snapdragon S4 Pro managed to hit the 8,000 mark on Quadrant, while achieving 30fps on the offscreen Egypt 1080p graphics test, PhoneArena notes.

Furthermore, it seems that the handset can offer pretty good photo and video shooting capabilities outdoors, as well as appealing front camera capabilities.

The smartphone is also said to be packing a very good loudspeaker, while featuring a second LED notification light on the back left. Not to mention that it will be GSM-unlocked from the start, and it will also enable users to easily unlock its bootloader through HTCDev.

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