More Beyonce, Jay Z Divorce Drama: She Found Out He Cheated with Rihanna, Rita Ora, More

Jay is a compulsive cheater and she had no idea about it until just now

Jay Z and Beyonce’s once-fairytale marriage is nearly over, after she found out that he’s a compulsive cheater who slept with every woman that came across his path, this week’s edition of Life & Style magazine claims. Beyonce is “devastated,” apparently.

The story will be featured in the print issue, which drops at newsstands today. Jezebel has the scoop on the story, but also the cover, which you will also find in the photo above.

“Beyonce faces all the claims. Destroyed by his cheating,” reads a caption in all-CAPS. “Their divorce drama explodes: She finally learns the truth after being left alone night after night,” the headline further says.

The inset above it contains a composite of the photos of some of the women Jay cheated on Bey with, with the description “The other women & their nights with Jay Z.” Inside the pages of the magazine, tipsters reveal that he’s had affairs with singers and protégées Rihanna and Rita Ora, but also fashion designer Rachel Roy, the former Miss Belgium, and many others.

If the name Rachel Roy rings a bell, it’s because it was uttered frequently in the aftermath of the elevator fight between Solange and Jay Z, with countless reports saying that she attacked him because he’d been trying to put the moves on Rachel at the party they just left. Beyonce was with them too and had been a guest at the party as well, which only infuriated Solange more.

According to the tab, it’s just now that Beyonce has learned of all of Jay Z’s transgressions. Apparently, he’s in the habit of asking the phone number of any woman he meets, because he can’t help himself when it comes to sleeping around. She’s “destroyed,” the magazine claims.

Beyonce is also thinking of her career and how Jay’s cheating will impact it. “This article asserts that Bey is ‘so sensitive and insecure’ and that ‘her new album is all about [her and Jay'z] freaky love life and how she'll do anything to keep him satisfied’ because of that,” Jezebel writes.

If her new album is anything like her collaboration with Jay “Drunk in Love,” which was featured on the album “Beyonce,” and there’s any truth to the claims above, she definitely has good reasons to worry.

Life & Style also says that trouble with these two goes even deeper than that, because it’s not just his cheating that’s putting the marriage “in peril.” Apparently, he’s convinced that Beyonce too has been sleeping around and is “very jealous” of her bodyguard Julius De Boer, who he believes has been her lover for several years now.

In truth, that Beyonce might be romantically involved with the bodyguard is not actually news because the rumor has been around for a very long time. There was never anything to substantiate it, though.

The same goes for reports that he slept with Rihanna and Rita Ora, both of whom denied them when confronted by the media.

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