Moral Choices Made Omega Biggest DLC for Mass Effect 3

The team started off small, but the adventure grew in complexity

Fabrice Condominas, a producer working on the new Omega content for Mass Effect 3, says that the DLC package was initially smaller, but the team working on it needed more play time in order to include all the moral choices and consequences they were interested in.

The developer told Polygon that, “We had a lot of feedback asking to know more about Aria and Omega and we decided fairly early on making this a personal history of Aria and the Station. But the game at its current size was not the original goal.”

On launch, Omega for Mass Effect 3 will take up about 2 GB on the hard drive and will give players more than four hours of playtime, longer for those who want to experience harder difficulty levels.

Condominas added that, “Around the first 1/3 of the project when we first validated the writing we realized we needed to include strong moral choices throughout the game and didn’t ask ourselves how long this would end up making it.”

The BioWare developer says that he is happy to be part of a team that was willing to accept that content needed to see an increase in complexity before launch.

Omega allows players to return to the giant space station and fight alongside Aria in order to retake it from Cerberus.

The DLC also introduces a female Turian character and there are also new weapons and new biotic powers to take out a number of new enemies.

Mass Effect 3: Omega can be played on the PC, the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360.

BioWare has pledged to extend the life of its space-based action title with regular new content launches and is also supporting the successful multiplayer mode with weekly events, balance tweaks and new packs containing weapons, items and characters.

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