Moose Leaps Through Window at Swedish School, Causes Panic Among Students

The animal seriously wounded itself on the broken glass

A moose paid some teenage students at a school in western Sweden a surprise visit on Monday during their handicraft class, local police have said.

The teacher and a dozen schoolchildren got very scared and were forced to flee the classroom when the animal broke through the glass window and ended up in the schoolroom.

According to the Daily Mirror, the incident happened at a high school in Molndal, near the western city of Goteborg. Local police arrived at the scene and managed to take the students to safety, but the elk panicked after jumping through the window and began thrashing around hurting itself.

The bewildered animal seriously wounded itself on the broken glass while trying to find its way out and, unfortunately, had to be put down.

None of the students was injured during the incident, but they had been offered counselling to get over the scare.

Elks, or moose as they are known in North America, are large, hulking animals with massive shoulders and rounded antlers which typically live in boreal and mixed deciduous forests of the Northern Hemisphere.

Dubbed as “the king of the Swedish forest,” moose are currently found in large numbers throughout the North European country.

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