Montreal Installation Uses Swings as Musical Instruments

21 Swings' movements give birth to a modern symphony

21 swings form a giant musical instrument, every year, in Montreal, Canada. Mashable presented the installation as a “collective ritual.”

Every movement in a swing creates a musical note, and more people swinging at the same time can put together a unique musical piece. Motion sensors make this musical installation possible, triggering the formation of sounds.

If users synchronize, the sounds intensify and they can reach notes they otherwise couldn't, making this a community art project.

The installation is showcased in Montreal's Quartier de spectacles, each year, and the organizers will start to take it on tour starting 2012.

The installation was designed by Canadians Mouna Andraos and Melissa Mongiat. It is composed of 7 swing sets, each with three swings, and it plays classical music, informs.

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