Monopoly Token Vote Ends – the Cat Is In, Hasbro Dumps the Iron

The cat token has received 31 percent of all votes

Hasbro Inc. has completed its voting session for the new Monopoly token, and the results are finally in.

The cat is the new addition to the Monopoly family, which already includes Scotty the dog as a member. To be honest, I also preferred the cat and it seems that the other tokens never stood a chance. According to the Mirror, it has received an impressive 31 percent of all votes.

As I explained last month, fans of the game have been given an opportunity to point out which token is their least favorite. The Facebook token vote was conclusive, and the company published a video about it on YouTube.

It appears the iron will be dumped, and Hasbro encourages the public to buy the game now, until it “disappears forever.”

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